Tropical Travel | South Africa

Landing in Johannesburg was such a riveting experience. 

I had been traveling for almost 24 hours straight, and wanted desperately to feel the sun on my face and escape the harshness of New York winter. Feeling the heat of the sun on my skin, I knew this was going to be an experience like no other. I'm a New Yorker, and the one non-South African out of Tropical Jawn. This was my first trip to South Africa, and in fact, my first trip to the continent of Africa. I was excited, nervous and eager all at the same time! But just like I was adopted by my fellow Tropical Jawn co-founders, South Africa welcomed me in the very same way. The vibrant nightlife of Johannesburg, the beautiful beaches of Cape Town, the lush greenery, and the magnificence of Table Top Mountain was too magical to be captured in photographs. Not to mention that the Tropical Jawn ladies were there the whole way to guide and introduce me to the beauty that is South African culture. 

December 2017 was the first official Tropical Jawn takeover of South Africa, and for me it was love at first sight. Now, we invite you to join in on this experience. YES, we're inviting YOU - our friends, family and fellow partygoers to experience South Africa with us this Dezemba!

In December 2019, the Jawns are launching the inaugural annual Tropical Travel trip to South Africa, a cultural exchange experience for New York City’s creative diaspora. We will expose you to arts, culture and nightlife while immersing you in the rich socio-political history of the country. This trip includes accommodation, local travel, a one-way flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg, tours and activities (unless otherwise stated), meals (unless otherwise stated), and a full package Safari experience. 

Locations: Cape Town and Johannesburg

Cape Town is South Africa's most beautiful city, boasting natural spectacles of Table Mountain, wine farms, beautiful beaches, and a lavish tourist scene. During December, the city is a host for multiple day parties, but it is also a city with the most visually obvious spacial racial segregation. Visitors to Cape Town will enjoy the high-life and nightlife surrounded by world-class attractions, while also learning about Apartheid's lasting legacy. Expect spontaneous December vacation traditions like the “morning bang”, where we go to the beach to watch the sunrise after a late night out. 

Johannesburg is South Africa's urban mecca. More grungy than Cape Town, it is home to the "black diamond", and represents the new black middle class in South Africa. Visitors will enjoy "Africa's New York City" and be inspired by the high level of excellence that the city has to offer in arts, culture and the creative economy, attending global cultural events like AfroPunk Johannesburg. We’ll end the trip with a two-day safari, where we will spot the big five: lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo and rhinos.

Look out for our full itinerary and details soon! 

- Jasmine




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