Tropical Jawn is a women-led collective that connects and celebrates New York's diverse black diaspora through creative collaboration and cultural entrepreneurship. Inspired by the creative contributions of the city’s African, Carribean, African American and Latinx communities, Tropical Jawn builds solidarity and empowerment through curated and closely interwoven cultural interactions.


Tropical Jawn was founded in 2017 by seven black women of South African and American descent. Coined by co-founder Noloyiso Zita, the term encapsulates the historically undervalued, underserved and unappreciated natural exuberance of women of the black diaspora. In the current political climate, we believe that it is imperative to champion social justice, catalyze social development, and celebrate our beauty, power and resilience through it all. Exotic and exuding warmth, a tropical jawn flourishes in a dynamic environment where creative contributions of the diaspora are acknowledged, celebrated and uplifted.  Tropical Jawn creates social environments where shared heritage is celebrated through curated cultural events and collaborations.



Tropical Jawn frequently collaborates with New York City’s young creative community in the art, music, fashion, food and film industries with the dual aim of introducing talent to a wider audience and fostering a dynamic network of like-minded individuals. Our collaborators are showcased and involved in various aspects of Tropical Jawn’s operations. Learn more about our collaborators here.


Tropical Jawn has its roots in South Africa, where its co-founders developed a deep appreciation for tradition and culture before immigrating to the United States. New York City is a hotbed of cultural expression, where the diaspora is exposed to multiple cultures of shared African heritage through social interactions. Merging culture with commerce, Tropical Jawn creates cross-cultural experiences that impact artists and micro-entrepreneurs towards the growth and empowerment of the community. Learn more about our flagship cultural event Tropical Jawn Braai here.